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More snow, and ice

Posted Tuesday, Mar 4 at 11:28am

Well, Blacksburg got a bit of snow and ice yesterday. It was a perfectly gross wintery mix, and the sidewalks have a few patches of black ice, but I had the day off and decided to go for a walk anyway. There were quite a few white crowned sparrows, and a few white throats, not to mention a nice covering on all the plants.

Blue skies and white snow

The abandoned farm buildings

A few sparrows looking for food.

The snow is melting

Posted Wednesday, Feb 19 at 2:32pm

The field in the background of the right side of this shot (behind the trees) stood out to me on Tuesday's run, as the snow was melting and grass was starting to poke up through the little bit of snow we had left. I went to go photograph it on Wednesday, since I had a day off- and found it surrounded by barbed wire. Whoops! This field was right next door, though, and still let me get a shot of the sun and the clear blue sky. Then a little fun with colors and contrast in post... and I kinda like the result!

Winter grasses poking up through the snow

Snow in Southtown!

Posted Sunday, Feb 16 at 4:08pm

Well, Blacksburg got two feet of snow last week! It seems no one knows how to deal with it, so I had to ski to work on Thursday and Friday, and the sidewalks still aren't clear. However, all the snow made for great skiing, including a trip out to Mountain Lake today to explore their trails. Almost felt a bit like home!

Kirsten on our way out skiing

A very cool old tree at Mountain Lake


Posted Saturday, May 11 at 11:20am

Canon's 50mm f/1.8 lens is, by many counts, a toy. And what better to do with a toy on a gray Saturday morning than play with it! I've been intrigued by this idea of freelensing (taking a picture with the lens not actually mounted to the camera), since I don't do enough of this work to justify actually buying a tilt-shift lens, but I like the effect that can be gotten. I took the first few thinking I was stopped down to f/2.8 for a bit more depth of field, then realized that having the camera set to 2.8 was doing nothing to tell the lens that... It got a bit easier once I wasn't shooting wide open after that.

Violets in the front yard

Cherry blossoms on the walk to dirt cowboy to write this blog post.

This blog, for starters!

Posted Wednesday, May 1 at 7:40pm

Baby steps towards getting this page up and running... It's been a lot of getting distracted and dragging my feet, but I think I'm finally almost there. Site structure is all in place, and it's all mobile friendly, so now I just have to pick some sample pictures, and the site will be fully functional!